Hoss 18" Beaker with 8-Arm Tree Percolator

  • Height:  18" Inches / 450mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Diffuser / 14mm Bowl
  • Stem Length:  5.5" Inches / 14cm
  • Tube Diameter:  50mm
  • Thickness:  5mm

This piece comes with a new Hoss Glass carry-case!

Beaker with 8 Arm Tree Percolator.  This Beaker is much like the classic beaker with a few updates to styling and durability.  It has been designed with a thick 10mm glass bottom, a new streamlined ice catcher, a thick joint, and an 8 Arm Tree Percolator to allow for the smoothest hits.


(1) Beaker with 8 Arm Tree Perc.

(1) 5.5" / 14cm Diffuser

(1) 14mm Cone Bowl

(1) Hoss Glass Carry Case

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