Lighterpick Waterproof Dugout


Innovative Waterproof Smoking Dugout

This new dugout smoking accessory will keep all your smoking utensils together in one space with no problem at all! The LighterPick has a small mini bic holder, as well as a cig bat, a small stirring tool, and of course a smell-proof stash chamber- not to mention the fact that the entire thing is waterproof so even if you get soaked your herb will stay nice and dry. All of the power of a whole sesh set-up with the convenience of an on the go single accessory. LighterPicks comes in green or grey.

LighterPick Features:

  • Waterproof smoking dugout to keep your stash dry
  • Odour proof dugout to keep your stash fresh
  • Holds 2 grams so you can smoke on the go
  • Keeps your Mini-Bic lighter safe and secure
  • Comes with a one-hitter that stores inside the LighterPick
  • Includes a retractable 2” pick to stir your bowl or clear your pipe
  • It’s very convenient, fits in your pocket, and is very durable

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Lighter Pick Dugout
  • 1x - Cig Bat One-Hitter
  • 1x - 2" Retractable Pick