My Bud Vase "Valerie"

$149.95 $169.95

Meet Valerie, our bell-shaped beauty who turns any event into a festive occasion. Our damsel always dresses to impress and arrives packed with pomp! She is artfully adorned with her fancy red glass bubble bowl, and red velvet hydrangea pokers accented in rhinestones. Valerie is the perfect “plus one” for your next high tea or canna-cotillion.

Product Features:
- H: 6"
- W: 4"
- 4" 9mm bubble bowl
- Made of ceramic

What's Included:
1 x Valerie Water Pipe (#MBV180)
1 x Valerie Custom Slide
1 x Fixed Downstem
1 x Velvet Rhinestone Flower Pokers
1 x My Bud Vase™ Tag & Certificate of Authenticity