Pulsar Axial Enail Quartz Banger & Cap Combo


Get the most efficient heating possible with this Pulsar Axial Opal Quartz Banger which is compatible with the Axial eNail setup. This banger is designed with a special nipple on the bucket that helps hold the Axial coil and provide even heating during dab sessions. The beveled bucket top provides a tight seal with the included directional carb cap. Bucket diameter measures 25mm..

Pulsar Axial Banger Features:

  • Compatible with the Axial eNail
  • Size: 14mm Male
  • Thick Opal Quartz Bottom
  • Beveled Bucket
  • 25mm Bucket Diameter
  • Directional Carb Cap Included
  • Pipe Not Included - For Display Purposes Only

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