Skilletools Dab Art Kit - Tin w/ Silicone Molds & Tool


Available in blue silicone

This pocket sized kit is everything you need to bring your dabs everywhere you go- and give you a chance to WOW your friends with your creativity! These fun moulds are easy to press your shatter and buttery concentrates into, and then pop cleanly out of to reveal your tiny dab creation!

 For best results, press your product in firmly and use your finger warmth to get it evenly in the mould. Then, try cooling your product slightly by leaving it in a dry window sill or in your fridge for a couple minutes! Pristo-presto! Gorgeous dab sculptures to take you sky high!

  • 100% Baking grade silicone 
  •  Stainless steel dab tool 
  • Tin case for easy stash!