Blue Lotus Tincture


Blue Lotus Tincture comes from Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea), a popular herb known for its euphoric and spiritual properties.It's considered the flower of intuition due to its effect on the pineal gland. Many cultures around the world believe it enhances their connection to the spirit realm and use it to assist deep meditative practices. Its uplifting and euphoric effect promotes a state of joy and relaxation.

  • Vegan, Natural, Non Gmo
  • Alcohol-Free, No Hidden Fillers
  • Concentrated Liquid Herb
  • Slightly Sweet Herbal Flavour

Key Benefits

  • Gentle Sedative: Calms the nervous system and can reduce stress and nervousness throughout the body.
  • Aphrodisiac: Increase natural physical desires and promote a sense of euphoria within the body.
  • Spiritual Awareness: Can increase awareness and intuitive insight.
  • Anti-depressant Qualities: Can improve mood by increasing levels of apomorphine and apomorphine-like alkaloids which influence dopamine and serotonin activity.
  • Energetically warming and soothing.  

How To Use

This tincture can be taken when you’re feeling flighty or ungrounded, before self care, breath work, journaling, meditation, winding down, before sleep, or before a relaxing night in with loved ones. Start with recommended dose on bottle and adjust accordingly if needed.

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