Elevated Ceramics Aurora - Baye Blue


Located in Beautiful British Columbia, Elevated Ceramics is deeply influenced by the nature surrounding our west coast province.

  • Height: ~ 20cm to 22cm
  • Width: ~11cm to 12cm
  • Weight: ~ 400g to 600g
  • 2 sets of glass downstems are included

(Note: the height and weight of our bongs are approximate ranges as glazes and formation will vary in each handmade piece.)

Elegant, bewildering and graceful, Aurora is named after the enchanting dance of the Northern Lights, visible in the night sky from Northern British Columbia. In the quiet depth of darkness, she shines brightly guiding you back to the natural beauty of Mother Earth. With her in your hand, you are never lost. Aurora’s shapely figure makes her the easiest to clasp and hold on to. At her base is our classic bubble design, made to maximize the water chamber for filtration, so quality is everything. With an open lip at the mouthpiece, she gently caresses your skin and seals around with every breath inwards. Aurora will walk you down the path within and lead you right back home, to your truest self. It’s time to be found. It’s time to reconnect your body, mind and soul for the deepest form of relaxation you’ve been waiting for. Take one final breath in and let’s begin her journey home to you. Namaste.