Elevated Ceramics Como - Jade Green

$249.95 $284.95

Located in Beautiful British Columbia, Elevated Ceramics is deeply influenced by the nature surrounding our west coast province.

  • Height: ~ 15cm to 16cm
  • Width: ~11cm to 12cm
  • Weight: ~ 380g to 480g
  • 2 sets of glass downstems are included

(Note: the height and weight of our bongs are approximate ranges as glazes and formation will vary in each handmade piece.)

Modest, steady and light, Como is the most humble companion in our collection. He was named after the smallest lake in Beautiful British Columbia, where rainbow trout, carp, and catfish glide freely under its gentle surface. Como is smaller than the rest, but he is mighty strong. With a discreet and unpretentious neck stemming from our classic bubble base, Como’s laid back form speaks to its down-to-earth design. He was made for you to take out into this splendid world. To seek. To explore. To find peace. Como will fill you with gratitude with every breath in. Exhale and he will help you find more space within. He will quietly take you by the hand, and guide you from the lake out to the river and into the ocean. He wants to set your mind free like the flowing openness of water. This is your escape to soak in nature. Take one more breath and dive in. Let's start his journey home to you.

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