Elevated Ceramics Logan - Sunshine Yellow


Located in Beautiful British Columbia, Elevated Ceramics is deeply influenced by the nature surrounding our west coast province.

  • Height: ~ 27 cm to 29 cm
  • Width: ~11cm to 12cm
  • Weight: ~ 600g to 800g
  • 2 sets of glass downstems are included

(Note: the height and weight of our bongs are approximate ranges as glazes and formation will vary in each handmade piece.)

Standing tall and proud like the mountain he was named after, Logan is the peaceful giant that watches over you. He’s here for you, any time - dependable, strong, and silent. Logan will welcome you with open arms after a long day of work. All he wants is to help you unplug and relax. With our classic large bubble base housing the water chamber for quality filtration, making this the best ceramic bong on the market. Logan’s long neck is designed spaciously to fill and cool quickly and efficiently. He was made to be your best camping buddy, whether you’re stargazing in your backyard or if you are going deep into the wild. As the night sky revolves and you sit around watching the smoke rise with the campfire flames, you can count on Logan to be at your side. With him as your guide, you will transcend time and discover the true beauty of nature all around you. He will be your forever reminder of the journey you’ve been through. It’s time for one last deep breath, and let's send him homebound to you.