HOJ Klip Grinder


Slice, don’t grind

Unlike traditional grinders, KLIP doesn’t crush the herb. Instead, custom built dual-blades finely slice through it, creating a much fluffier consistency that burns more evenly. This also protects the integrity of the crystals, resulting in a more potent experience with the exact same herb. 

Height: 57 mm / 2.2”
Diameter: Ø66 mm / 2.6”
Load capacity: 1.6g of material
Capacity: 3.2g

Thread-free magnetic assembly
Patent-pending design
Dual precision blades
Lifetime warranty
Ergonomic design
Hassle-free cleaning
Modular design

Stainless steel
Rare-earth magnets
Anodized, recyclable aluminum
Polished brass

What's in the box

With every KLIP you always get
3 Control Discs
1 Collection Mesh
Cork and bio packaging

Available as additional
The Funnel
Fine Collection Mesh
Medium Collection Mesh

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